I have been thinking about the past so often lately, so much that it manifests itself in my dreams.

Not missing it at all, except for some parts but overall I’m happy with my present.

I have burned many bridges, as I am an expert on that and trying to build new ones.

So why am I thinking about the past? I want to make sure what I have learned sticks up. I have been talking to a very old friend about how much we have changed. From her part, she became less obsessive and more aloof. She used to run around like a chicken with its head cut off and tried to move trees instead of watering them. She is more of an introvert and more accepting. She is still as fun, nonjudgmental and a sweetheart.

Me, I have become much more patient and ¬†complacent. Not because I don’t care but because I am confident that nothing is permanent. One moment in time can’t define and deform you, unless you let it.

As of now, I’m having my coffee, planning the rest of the day. I will be crossing the bridge and taking care of some business, will meet a friend for drinks, come back home, work on a project I have, make some necessary phone calls, make dinner, have a cigarette, read and enjoy freedom until I start the 8 week marathon that’s ahead of me


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